Complete Class Organizer

What is Complete Class Organizer?

Complete Class Organizer is an app designed specifically for students to help them manage their classes throughout their school career.

CCO manages all the important aspects of your classes, allowing you to take notes, record lectures, calculate your grades, and easily access information from any class, past or present.

Have you ever missed something your instructor said while taking notes?  Complete Class Organizer will sync your notes with your recordings, so you can simply double-tap any word and it will play back what the instructor was saying the moment you typed that word.

Add the grades from all your assignments and exams and your class grade will be calculated automatically.  You can even calculate what grade you’ll need on an exam to get a certain grade in the class.

Complete Class Organizer makes it easy to find all your classes and notes.  Classes are organized by semester so you can quickly access any class, past or present.  Notes, drawings, and recordings are organized by week and session.  You won’t waste any time getting to where you need to be when class starts or when studying.


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Key features:

  1. Synchronize notes with lecture recordings. Simply double-tap a word for quick playback.

  1. Calculate and store class grades with a feature-packed Grade Calculator

  1. Import PDFs and other docs from the web and from email attachments

  1. Dropbox and Google Docs integration

  1. Date organizer for homework assignments, exams, and to-do list items with local notifications and iCal integration

  1. Auto-bulleting and numbered lists in notes

  1. Math, statistics, and logic symbols in notes and drawings

  1. Print and email notes, PDFs, and drawings

  1. View class websites and syllabi within the app

  1. Organize important class info -- meeting times, locations, instructor info, class websites, and more

  1. Quick-access web browser within notes with access to popular reference sites

  1. Generate and print your weekly class schedule

  1. Full backup/restore system over Wifi or USB